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Scientec was established in 1995 specializing in PC-based control system as well as customized software design & development. We also service the manufacturing and service industries like in the areas of semiconductor, health care, construction, building and estate management and banking and finance. Scientec's PC-based products have been used in many applications covering a wide range of industries. The following illustrates the diverse applications of control technology that Scientec is in:-
  • Analogue I/O control, Digital I/O control, Industrial monitoring & control, Multi / single XYZ table control, Machine control with unlimited axis, Robotics control, Pick & Place machine, Process control, Assembly control, Grooving and welding, Packing equipment control, Dispensing control, Statistical process control, Remote signature capturing, Database management system

Scientec has also designed and developed many customized application software and hardware leveraging on its expertise in the areas of control. Some notable projects:-

  • Crane Control System
  • Automatic Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS)
  • Traffic and Car Park Automated Management System
  • Quality Management system (QC data collection)
  • Signature Verification System
  • Automated Customer Survey System

At Scientec, we recognize, adopt and hone new ideas, new technologies and new solutions in order to offer the most efficient solutions and services to our customers. We help to solve complex motion problems and meet customer's specific requirements. We are also committed to empower our customers with the highest performance, reliability and ease-of-use and most importantly cost-effective PC-based control system for our customer's requirements.
Based on hands-on experience and market survey of the control industry, Scientec has developed a product to cater to 80% of the needs of the industry. The first generation are ISA based slot-in cards for i/o and servo system followed by the second generation mini-controller™ which do away with slot-in cards. The mini-controller™ increases the productivity and efficiency at the same time reduces the cost and cycletime of these projects because it is more innovative and eliminates long wires and cumbersome slot-in cards, hence providing substantial cost savings to the customers. Scientec was set up to focus on the research, development and manufacturing of mini-controller™.

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