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Scientec offers a wide assortment of services to help you build the best solution for your application needs. Scientec undertakes a wide range of projects every year and we provide the right systems and controls for the different requirements of our customers.
Crane Control System
Provide real-time supervision and monitoring of tower cranes
Precision Glue Dispensing System
Designed and developed a very precise dispensing system that dispenses epoxy onto a 0.5mm square area of a microwave component
Carpark Traffic Management System
Designed a Windows NT full car park counting monitoring software to perform level counting, realtime monitoring of car park counting, realtime colour changes indication of level full, realtime graphical viewing of level-usage chart and statistical report generation.
Auto Survey Form Vision Capturing System
To design and build a survey form vision capturing system to process different kind of forms.The system recognize and extract data. Datas are recordedin MS SQL and can be exported for viewing verbatim categorization and summary reports
Traffic Management System
Designed a customized PC based system that regulate the in and out traffic flow of the residential car park and security measurement to restrict unauthorized vehicle from entering the car park
Quality Control Equipment Interfacing
To design, fabricate and program the interface device with either RS232 or Mitutoyo that collects information from the QC equipment and sends this information to the host PC with RS485 linkage
Signature Verfication System
Designed a signature imaging software for signature card template setup, signature capturing and viewing on remote site.
Microscope Measurement System
To position a camera onto a position and provide a software to acquire points data for calculation
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